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The warehouse operations is supported by WMS system – WarehouseExpert™ by Made4net, the leading American-based supply chain execution software provider. The same system is used by many international manufactures and logistic providers like is Intel, Mitsubishi, Tuborg, Caterpillar, Israeli Post Authority, UPS SCS, Exel (now a part of DHL), Fedex SCS, Interlog (USA), Natela, etc.

WarehouseExpert™ controls all processes starting with pre-receipts to storage optimization in all the storage zones and warehouse areas, complicated picking and packing, visibility of inventory and order status and full control of all the automatic elements.

WarehouseExpert has been integrated to Axapta which is used by Trialto Latvia as ERP system to manage the customers relations and billing information.

WarehouseExpert™ is WEB-based application and can be integrated with most of leading business enterprise applications. (http://www.made4net.com/Warehouse-Management-Software.php)

Current daily and weekly reports can be issued as following:

  • Detailed stock report with expiry dates of the goods
  • Incoming/ outgoing goods report
  • KPI (Order fulfillment, net service level, delivery accuracy etc.)
  • Write-off of the goods

Various statistical and analytical reports can be developed on demand.

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