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  • 9500 m2 with 14 docks
  • Rack and bulk storage for 10000 pall/places
  • Excise license for storage and handling EU excise goods – beer, wine, all kind of alcohol drinks and spirits, non-alcoholic drinks, coffee.
  • Insurance of the stored goods
  • Security 24/7/365 (Video surveillance, Access control, Intrusion system, Fire safety system, Premises security guard control)


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  • Excise goods documents acceptance of arrival of the goods (import e-AD)
  • Excise goods documents acceptance of consignment of the goods (Export e-AD)
  • Excise stamps ordering
  • Excise stamps get back to Excise department
  • The formalities of customs administration customs clearances in customs/excise department
  • CMR compilation
  • Using Excise guarantee for clearances
  • Customs procedure for Destruction of excise goods
  • Other services (excise stamps labeling, annotations, POS materials etc)


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