Modern Class A warehouse built in 2007

  • Fire prevention: open watWarehouse Height: 10m clear height. The floor is elevated 1.10 m in respect to the access ground;
  • Column grid: 12 X 24m (reinforced concrete, metal girders)
  • Floor loading: distributed load 5 tons/m2, concentrated load 9 tons
  • Loading/unloading gate ratio: 1 per 800 m2.Lifting gates and leveling mechanisms.
  • Access roads and grounds according to EU standards
  • er tank, ESFR sprinkler system, automatic smoke hatches
  • Programmable gas heating system: +5C – +20C (option – SAHARA hot air blower)
  • Natural ventilation
  • Lighting: 150-200 lux
  • Low-current systems: phones, computers, alarm systems, video surveillance
  • European werehouses