• 6500 m2 with 8 docks
  • Rack and bulk storage for 4500 pall/places

We offer the full range of customs warehouse services:

  • Import declaration processing (IM4, direct imports – customs clearances from all taxes and duties)
  • Import declaration processing (IM7, long-term storage of goods in customs warehouse)
  • Declaration of Temporary storage– (PUD)
  • Export declaration (EX1)
  • Re-export declaration (EX3)
  • Customs clearances for The transit declaration (T1)
  • Customs clearance at customs point MKP 0207
  • Custom clearance in other customs points
  • CMR compilation
  • Transit quarantee for T1 clearances
  • Comprehensive guarantee (the goods are released with Trialto guarantee)
  • TIR carnet clearances
  • Customs clearances in customs department
  • Customs procedure for Destruction the customs goods