Warehouse operations are operated by the WMS system, WarehouseExpert ™ Made4net, which is a leading American company and deals with software development. A similar system is used in a number of other international companies such as Intel, Mitsubishi, Tuborg, Caterpillar, Israeli Post Authority, UPS SCS, Exel (DHL), Fedex SCS, Interlog (USA), Natela, etc.

Warehouseexpert ™ controls all processes, from placing orders to optimising storage space, which allows complex assembly reports on order status, and so on.

Warehouseexpert ™ is integrated with Microsoft Axapta, which is used by our company as an ERP

Warehouseexpert ™ is a WEB-API that is easily connected to most business-oriented programs. (http://www.made4net.com/Warehouse-Management-Software. php)

Types of possible reports:

  • Detailed reports on balances and expiration dates
  • Incoming/outbound cargo flows
  • KPIs (order execution, service, delivery level, etc.)
  • Analytical and statistical reporting of the goods write-off, etc.